Video vs Article – Horrific Experience With An Important Lesson

Wow.. this is a tough title to write. I’m no author material but what the hell… Just write it first and change it later.

What is video marketing to you? Nowadays, the internet is flooded with videos from pranks to murders. It is such a noisy online world that video creation and editing may sometimes seemed like a waste of time.

In this post, I will be sharing with you a scary, yet funny, incident that really convinced me on the power of video marketing.

Years ago, I was a fan of movies. I love to watch movies, even low budget ones. I was more interested in a good plot rather than the actors and technology behind it.

So the genre of movies that I watched was pretty wide. One of the movies that caught my attention (and memory) was the horror flick Chucky.


Chucky is a movie about a murderer whose soul entered a doll or something like that and he went around on a killing and spooking spree. It had quite a bit of killing scenes that I will not allow any below-18-year-olds to watch today.

I stopped watching Chucky when the storyline of the last couple of Chucky movies got nonsensical. Apparently, Chucky found himself a bride, who was another soul that entered a doll, and later had a baby or something like that. Really, I can only take in so much nonsense.

Besides Chucky, I watch a few other horror movies that involved a toy or a doll. It did not really spook me then until a recent incident which you will get to read about it later.

Besides watching horror movies to spook myself silly, I read Russell Lee’s True Singapore Ghost Stories. I read some of his books more than 5 times, I can tell you that.

So between video and content, which one had a bigger impact? Read on..

It was one of those weekend nights that I had to stay up late working on a new training curriculum. At 3am, I decided to hit the bed.

I turned off the light, laid down and felt something was in the way.. It was a doll. A small brand new doll that my father-in-law gave to my younger daughter.

I picked up the doll and flung it to the other side of the room to where the rest of the toys were kept. And immediately went to sleep.

At about 5am, I woke up and went to the restroom to ease myself. After that, I went back to bed. While on the bed, I made a turn to my side. I saw that doll, lying on the pillow next to mine.

I got up quickly and looked at the doll. “How did it get here?”I thought to myself. I remembered very clearly that I threw the this doll to the other side of the room. Scenes from those horror movies came into my mind.

Slowly, I picked up this doll, put it in a plastic box, and put other heavy boxes over it..

After that incident, there was no way I can get back to sleep.. I went back to my work, keeping my eye on the box.

About 3 hours later, my daughters woke up. My younger daughter walked up to me and she was holding on to that same doll! I was spooked! I am so gonna tear this doll apart!!

During breakfast, I was struggling to tell my wife about that incident. After hearing my story, she laughed out loud.

She told me that there were two dolls! Apparently, her parents received a doll each as a door gift and they gave both to my daughters.

The Doll That Spooked Me

Half an hour later, I saw my two daughters, holding a similar doll each. I never felt sillier in my life.

It was days later when I thought about this incident. At that moment, my memory did not trigger the contents of what I read, even though I read it more than 5 times.

It was scenes from those horror movies that came into my mind, at that point of time.

How interesting… Videos had more impact on me than content. And these days, we see more and more marketers utilizing videos as part of their campaign. It definitely is not a mere coincident.

Indeed, it is a trend. But not a new trend..




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