Gratitude for these 2 Challenging Weeks

It has been a very challenging 2 weeks. Every challenge is an experience and some experience contributes to our learning curve.

Eldest Daughter Hospitalized.

Just over 2 weeks ago, my eldest daughter woke me up to tell me of her pain in her tummy area. It was about 1 am or so. I told her to take a sip of water and try to sleep. I tried to comfort her as much as I possibly can but I didn’t think it could do much help.

Almost a year ago, she had the same problem. She had to be hospitalized and doctors diagnosed her condition as acute pancreatitis.

Acute Pancreatitis is a condition where the pancreas swells for a period of time. If you’re not sure what a pancreas does is that it makes enzymes to break down sugars, fats, and starches.

Before she was hospitalized last year, we brought her to the polyclinic. The doctor checked and said she was having constipation. Advised her to drink more water.

Her pain got worse. We brought her to the polyclinic again and this time, the doctor gave her a letter to head over to the hospital. At the hospital, she had to be warded.

When she told us about the pain this time, my wife and I knew we were in for long days and nights. We brought her to the hospital and she was warded in the afternoon for 5 days.


She had to fast. No food, no drink, not even plain water, at least in the beginning. She was on IV drip and given permission to drink sips of water only when the doctor sees an improvement in her amylase levels.

I know what you’re thinking… If all she needs to do is fast, why need to go to the hospital? Well, it was more complicated. She could not eat and drink. Every time she tried, she will puke out. After a few hours, the body will become dehydrated. I’m certainly not Jackie Chan from Who Am I with the skills to use coconut as an iv drip, so it’s better to get the professionals do it.

a scene from Jackie Chan’s Who Am I where a coconut water is used for IV drip


One of the most heartbreaking moments in this hospital stay was seeing how the nurses struggled to find my daughter’s vein. They tried the arm, then the hands, and then the foot. She tried to suppress her pain but the tears that roll down her cheeks are the real gauge of how painful it really was.


Son On 3 Days Medical

Just 3 days after my daughter got discharged, my son got a fever and flu. Went to see the nearest GP and he was given a 3 days of medical leave from school.


Parents got Covid

Just a few days before my daughter had her tummy pain, my mother called to inform me that they just contracted Covid. They had more serious symptoms than I had, but after a long rest and medication, they got over it.


Grateful For Everything

Regardless of what has happened, I am really grateful

  1. to have my daughter recovering and recuperating,
  2. to see my boy FULLY recovered as he climbs and jumps from one piece of furniture to another,
  3. and to learn that my parents have fully recovered from Covid.
  4. to my business partner for standing in when needed.
  5. to my instructors who can manage the client independently while I was away.
  6. to my clients for their understanding
  7. to my wife’s colleagues and bosses for understanding and allowing her to work from the ward.

Alhamdulillah! All Praises Belongs To Allah!


Lessons for These 2 Weeks

  1. It is better to eat less than more.
  2. It is better to drink more than less
  3. It is better to have insurance than not.

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