My First Post…. Again…

On no…. not again…
It was just last year when I started a blog with the same domain. Many things happened and I am forced to re-start this blog. Sometimes I do wonder if it is the right move and if I should have stayed with blogspot as the chances of domain expiry, hosting problems etc is very low.

In my previous blog, I was using a hosting services provided by hostjill. I was having a very hard time with that service. It went down more than a 3 times in just one year and it can get very annoying. For someone who is new to owning a website and blogging, a bad hosting service can be very annoying and disturbing.

In my attempt to transfer the data to a different hosting service, Bluehost, the information got lost. It was tough and honestly, I was close to giving up.

Not much of a choice, I had to restart this blog. No more hostjill this time.

Bluehost seemed like one of the more reliable hosting providers. However, Bluehost has so many upsells and services that it became too complicated for me. I had another website which I hosted on Bluehost. I had to shut that down due to some licensing issues of one of the software that comes in the package that I bought from Bluehost. (no! I did not get pirated software!)

Since I needed to make a new beginning,  I decided to take a bit of time to research on alternative hosting services. Hostgator is a complete no-no, for some reason that I can’t bother to remember. Then I came across Namecheap. Seemed like Namecheap’s customers are satisfied and happy customers.

On Black Friday, I made my hosting purchase.

So far, Namecheap has been very supportive and provided a very good response time to my queries. Bluehost, in my opinion, will be suitable for more advanced developers. It has many tools for one to make an awesome website. In fact, the upsells may even make their affiliates more money at no added cost to the purchasers.

For me, I’ll go for something cheap and simple, like Namecheap.

Even my domain is purchased from namecheap. Less hassle, no upsells, simple and straightforward.
Namecheap.comPrevious Blog
When I first started my previous blog, I had just completed a course called the Internet Income Intensive. As I was a freelance trainer then, I thought that it would be nice if I can use the website to promote training services. After a month, I decided to change its course to promote freelancing instead.

Six month down the road, my entries began to lose focus. In my desperate attempt to find the correct formula of online money making, I began to write about almost everything. I was having a challenge writing high quality content that I forgot the joy of free-writing.

One thing that I am grateful for that that website has generated some leads for me.

In my ‘journey’, i sought advice from several seasoned entrepreneurs who has businesses online. I think I was rather privileged with all the advice given. There was one golden nugget that hit me; focus on one project till completion and then move to another. Apparently, I am not the only one with this problem.



Blog 2.0

In this new blog, I will be sharing some of the projects that I will be embarking on. Hopefully, these may be useful in the future. What’s more important is to find a clear goal, work on a direction, focus and keep working until its completion.

Like the title of this blog, I am the crash test dummy in life, business and personal development. Whatever I share here is something that I have done but it may or may not work. Nevertheless, I think the information might be useful whether it works or not.

Now with a brand new, reliable hosting, a new focus and a team of advisers, I am looking forward to a quality digital product in two months.

If you do have any advice for me on how I can move faster, go ahead and drop me a comment. I look forward to hearing from you.

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