Using Whiteboard Videos As A Training Tool

Have you seen or heard about a whiteboard video? The one that shows a hand writing or doodling throughout the video?

One of the first whiteboard videos that I came across was way back in 2010. It was titled “Where Good Ideas Come From” by Steven Johnson. I was intrigued by how this simple animation, which consists of a hand holding a marker writing notes on a whiteboard.

I didn’t really get to start using it until 2013 when I was given a engaged to conduct Workplace Skill Qualification workshops. One of the first videos I created was to supplement the learners for the module Solving Problems & Making Decisions, which was one of the modules within the Employability Skills qualification.

Why Was There A Need To Supplement? Weren’t The Materials Enough?

The materials for the program was enough. However, I wanted to go beyond.

Firstly, I wanted to use the video as part of their learning. I’ve instructed them to see the video once before my lessons as a form of recap.

Now, I could spend 10-15minutes doing recap for the same processes for every single lessons or let them watch the video and spend that same amount of time going through the more challenging parts of the module.

Secondly, I strongly believe that the skills gained from that Employability Skills program will be able to make them into a superstar of their company, if successfully and purposefully applied.

So I wanted to create something that the learners can continuously have access to as a form of recap. Hence the video was created.

It wasn’t easy creating the video and the audio and then syncing the two. After the first draft, I sent them to my fellow trainers, especially my mentors, to gain feedback from then and then did the necessary adjustments before the finale video. My mentors liked it. But one of them warned me that some trainers may not like it if they feel that my efforts could jeopardize their status quo.

Moving Forward..

After hours creating the first video, I finally got the hand of it. Over the years, I’ve created several whiteboard videos covering different niches. I even created a channel for whiteboard comedy and another for personal development such as this one(below).

What Are The Types Of Whiteboard Videos Available?

There are many whiteboard videos available on the market. And I mean MANY! I will list them at the end of this blog post and you can feel free to click on each one to see which one suits you.

As you can see at the bottom-right of the above video, there is a logo of Videoscribe. Most of my whiteboard videos were made using Videoscribe.

Videoscribe is a animated video owned by Sparkol. You could actually try the software for free

You do not need any design or technical know-how to create an awesome Videoscribe video.

It’s relatively easy to use but it takes a toll on my computer(I’m using a Toshiba Protege that I bought in 2009. If your computer or laptop has a dedicated graphic card, I think you will not face my challenges.)

for 7 days.


Besides videoscribe, another whiteboard animation software that you can consider is Doodly. It came out in 2016 and I bought an entire software at its launch price. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble starting it because I’m still using Windows Vista. Yeah, call me old fashion or minimalist but I will continue using this laptop until its last days, which I think will not be too far off..


 Like videoscribe, doodly is quite easy to use. And like videoscribe, if you need help in creating the videos, they will provide you that assistance. The difference to me so far is pricing.

Videoscribe is quite straighforward. You can ‘rent’ the software of buy it with a one time purchase.

Doodly on the other hand is not that straightforward. It has different packages and you will not be able to buy it on a one time purchase.. unless of course, if they changed their sales strategy.

The good thing about doodly in terms of pricing is that, they are more affordable and has a 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked.

Whichever software you want to use, i think its fine. Software is one thing but how we use it is another.

So if you’re a teacher, a trainer or a manager looking to conduct a training program, I would suggest you use this as part of your entire training curriculum. Especially the part where it can get monotonous such as process-related briefings or rules and regulations or even to start off a game.

Go ahead and try create your first whiteboard videos. With no-questions-asked-money-back-guarantee (Doodly) and 7 days free trial (Videoscribe), what have you got to lose? Click any of the logos below to find out more.

I’ll do a full review on these two softwares soon. In the meantime, start drawing.

PS- if you are a newbie in internet marketing, you can also use these softwares to create your affiliate videos.

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