Identify Your Time Waster Quiz

“It is Monday and work begins at 8am. Salesman Sam has just reached the office. He put his bag by his table, turned on his computer and opened the day’s newspaper. His desk was piled with papers, newspapers and notepads.

He opened the paper and muttered “the economy is really bad”. The phone rang and he had to flip paper after paper before he could find the phone. It was from his girlfriend.

After talking on the phone for 15 minutes, he took a mug from the corner of his table and headed to the pantry to get his daily dose of caffeine.

In goes the coffee filter, coffee powder and water into to coffee maker. The switch was turned on.

Salesman Sam waited… Standing in the pantry, watching the coffee maker fill itself up.

At 8.40am, Marketing Mark and Admin Adam walked in to the office and both joined Salesman Sam in waiting for the coffee pot to fill while chatting about the latest viral video about a young lady who refuse to give up her seat to an elderly.

Finally the pot is filled, each poured their coffee and walked back to their table.

The time is 9am.”

A full hour has passed and yet Salesman Sam has not anything that looks like work. From the short article above, can you identify the time wasters in the above article? Reply below.

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    1. reaching office on time instead of before time.
    2. reading newspaper at the wrong time.
    3. non-work related phone call

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