My Personal Goal Getting Story

One of the most intriguing topic in the area of personal development is Goal Setting. A few years back, I found a story on the importance of proper goal setting and goal management. A well-known U.S. Decathlete and Olympic gold medalist, Bruce Jenner, was speaking to a roomful of Olympic hopefuls. He asked if they’ve
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Why You Need  To Be Successful

“I am just a technician. Being a success is really beyond me” “As a janitor (cleaner), there is no such thing as success” These are some of the more common comments I hear during those days when I was conducting Employability Skills training. Even my fellow trainers and my mentor, received their fair share of
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Using QR Code As Part Of Your Staff Training Activity

It was 1st April 2015 when I first created this video. At that time, I had another website advocating learner centered instruction but it was not well received. Nevertheless, the videos stayed online and I hope it can continue to be some form of resource on way or another. This activity is nothing high tech
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Using Whiteboard Videos As A Training Tool

Have you seen or heard about a whiteboard video? The one that shows a hand writing or doodling throughout the video? One of the first whiteboard videos that I came across was way back in 2010. It was titled “Where Good Ideas Come From” by Steven Johnson. I was intrigued by how this simple animation,
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