My Testimonials

Testimonials are a very important part of my service, be it in the businesses I’m in, the training programmes I run or the companies I work for.

While providing great work gives me a sense of satisfaction, but when a customer is so pleased that he or she is willing to take time to write a testimonial, it is an exceptional feeling.

Testimonials, to be honest, are really not easy to come by.

Testimonials, cannot be obtained from quality work alone.

It also requires good customer service and support. Only when the clients reach that appreciative point that they are more than willing to give a written testimonial.


The first one is a print screen from my LinkedIn Recommendations.

Recommendations via LinkedIn

Next, is a testimonial from one of the companies that I really enjoy working with. Good trainers, good support staffs. Been there since it was a startup. I served this company since 2008 till 2014.

Testimonial From A Company That I Served Longest in My Entire Career..

The pictures below is a Thank You card from one of the trainers that I worked with on many occasions.




Below is another Thank You card from an adult training program, Develop Initiative and Enterprising Behaviour.




Below is a screenshot from the clients while I was the Head of Operations of a training company.



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