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168216_488128908761_2913599_n-ConvertImageEvery person I meet is my superior in some ways. In that, I learn from him.


There are always people better and worse than us or the situation that we are in. Whatever the situation, it is more important that we strive to be better than we were yesterday.

Emerson’s quote above is really apt in today’s world. it speaks of humility, desire to learn and improve one’s self.

Hi there! My name is Faizal and I am a walking Crash Test Dummy of life, business and personal development! lolz. Nope I am not kidding.

I am always learning, trying and experimenting.

Life is indeed an exciting and interesting journey. We may have sent men to the moon but we have yet to fully unravel life’s many mysteries. My life has mostly been about experimentation and experiential learning.

I am a strong advocate to personal development. Personal development is not just about reading a few books and attending motivational talks. To me, that is just a small part of it. Personal development also includes taking action, experimentation, making changes, learning from mistakes and keep moving ahead.

Short Glimpse Of My Past

I came from an engineering background, electrical engineering to be specific, and my first job involved managing small to medium scale streetlight relocation, removal and installation projects. In that job, I met some of the best engineering trainers a rookie could ask for.

After which, I moved on to another facilities management company, serving clients such as HP (Hewlett Packard), NUS (National University of Singapore) & Singex (Singapore Expo).

In 2009, I co-founded a facilities management consultancy firm and we partnered with reputable companies such as CBM Pte Ltd and SMM Pte Ltd. With a small team of 4, we managed projects with Singapore Powergrid and Healthway clinics. (Just don’t ask me how but we actually did it).

In 2011, I joined a start up that specialized in teaching financial literacy programs to kids as the Head of Operations. Apart from operations, sales, customer service, content development, prototyping, training & coaching was also part of my portfolio.

I left this organization in Feb 2013 and was ‘invited’ back in August the same year as the Assistant Director. I left in September the following year.

In that same year, I joined a non-profit organization, conducting courses for lower income groups and back-to-work women. I took this up as a sabbatical project, with the intention of giving back to the community.

For this non-profit organization, I conduct workshops in Employability Skills and Service Excellence.

It went on until December 2015. In January, I served my last In-Camp Training(yes.. finally) and in February, I began looking around for opportunities in people development, training and training management.

Okay, okay, I know I said just a glimpse. I better stop here before this becomes a c.v. lolz..

Why Should You Give A **** About This **** Blog?

Pardon my language. There were a few words that I wanted to use but I think putting 4 stars looked better.

When I first started this blog, I wanted it to be about training or freelancing. Then the hosting had some issues (which you can read about on this post, http://mohamadfaizal.com/my-first-post-again/) and now,  a brand new website with a brand new hosting with a brand new focus… my personal learning, research and experience in the field of Personal Development.

Why Do I Even Spend Time On This Blog/Website?

I thought of just keeping a journal or diary to record all my thoughts on everything I’ve learned in my journey towards personal development.

Then I realized something… I think I might be able to gain more by having all these thoughts in a blog or website where everyone can have access to.

Why is that?

  1. Through a blog or website, I can have my thoughts and opinions ‘challenged’. I can learn from someone with a different perspective. That way, I think, I could expand my ‘horizon’.
  2. Through this blog or website, I might be able to help someone who is looking for thoughts or reviews on some of the personal development materials, programmes or books that is on the market.

So what can you get from this website?

  • my own personal thoughts and reviews on some of the personal development materials available in the market.
  • updates on projects
  • free ebooks.

If you think these might be helpful to you in the future, I’d suggest you sign in below and you will get your updates.

My Current Projects.

My time is taken up with training assignments, curriculum design projects and designing online courses.

Currently, I’m doing a video course on Conversational Malay For Busy Professionals. It took me about a month of research and designing the program outline. Now I am doing the videos and voice overs on a daily basis. I used to run this program offline and now, converting the online version.

So what can I do for you?

If you need someone to;

  1. design/develop a training curriculum for adults or teenagers,
  2. conduct training workshop & facilitate a training programme,
  3. conduct assessment for learning and assessment of learning,
  4. lead or support a team in people development initiative
  5. develop online courses,
  6. design content using videoscribe.

or if you have something but not sure if it’s my fit, feel free to give me a note. I would love to be of service. If what you need is something that I really cannot do, I will bring in someone from within my network of friends and contacts that will be able to help you.

So this year (2016) alone, I’ve helped a handful of small companies get new customers and move into a new market. It’s nothing big but it’s something I can do.. Maybe I should be a business broker instead… hmmm… Just a thought..

I think that will be all for now. I look forward to bring you high quality and engaging content. Have an awesome day and looking forward to connect with you..






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