It is Day 5 today and it was supposed to be an 16:8. I even planned it as you can see from the Zero app that I’m using to track my fasts.


Side note: If you want to track your fast, this Zero app is a good app to use.

There are 2 things why I am so disappointed with myself;

  1. I didn’t plan to eat until 2 pm.
  2. I ate a high carb local food that will surely kick me out of ketosis!

My wife asked her mother to buy some pratas for breakfast, and she did. She got me an egg prata, which is easily 300 calories of carbohydrates!

When her mum came home with those pratas, my wife sent my eldest daughter to call me down for breakfast. I said later. You see, my family does not know I’m embarking on this no sugar, low carb lifestyle. No one knows. I did make an effort to inform them but I guess it’s just another situation of the shepherd shouting Wolf… My fault for not following through the previous diets.

And shortly after, my wife came to me, telling me to eat that prata which her mum has bought. My dilemma; Between my diet and showing appreciation to those who made the effort to feed me.

I walked down slowly, hoping someone will finish all those pratas before I reached the dining table. Nope… there was one egg Prata with my name on it…

And you know what’s more scary? I found myself enjoying every bite of that egg Prata… I was chewing slowly and thinking to myself “This is one delicious prate”. After eating it, part of me felt a small sense of regret, yet another part of me felt a sense of satisfaction!! Oh, no… what’s happening to me?

So I decided to eat half grapefruit, hoping to wash down those carbs…

Now, this is one messed up morning but I will just have to continue. What do you suggest I do from here on? Should I fast? Dry fast? Or go for zero carb meal for the rest of the day?

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